31 Mar

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A MOOC & The Functional Art

What the heck, I hear you say, is a MOOC? I have to admit I didn’t know either, until I signed up late last year for Alberto Cairo’s experimental course at the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas. Cairo is the professor of information graphics and visualization at the University of Miami’s school of communication and the author of the new book, The Functional Art. More about that later, first the MOOC…

The last time I studied formally was in 1992 back when they’d just invented the Internet. Email was the big new thing.  So a Massive, Online, Open Course was definitely going to be a new experience. Bottom line, it was great. Well worth the time investment, I have recommended it to others. There is in fact a second MOOC already filled up and underway. If it’s as good as the first, there will no doubt…

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